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Self Qualifying Worksheet

Our Professional and Qualified Staff are here to help you.

For over 20 years Investors Mortgage has been helping people just like you by providing many services to assist you in your residential property financing needs.

Be Prepared for the Journey - Get Pre-Approve!

Financing a home can be a confusing and intimidating adventure

A loan pre-qualification or pre-approval is vital to the "home purchasing process", it's the only way to determine your real buying power.  We highly suggest you not skip this fast, easy, free step. 

With a written Investors Mortgage loan approval, including a certificate guaranteeing you a mortgage to a specified amount, you can focus your time and energy shopping for YOUR ideal home.

The pre-qualification process will also help you zero-in on the documentation you'll need to meet the new guidelines for a quick and smooth venture through the underwriting process.

Check your Credit Report

While any lender can quickly run your credit report, you should acquire a copy first.  Then, you'll know exactly what is on the report and can address any dubious or inaccurate items. Be sure to clear up any financial problems you can.  Our Loan Representatives can help guide you to an improved credit score.

Below is an informational Self-Qualifying Worksheet. 
Please down loan our form and fill in the blanks.
  Of course our staff is here to help you and provide a bonafide written Pre-Qualification Status letter to any Seller or Realtor, but this helpful tool can get you started and guide you in the right direction.                         

You will need to fill in your income and monthly obligations, then our form will self-calculate your:
Buying Power Ability


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